Google and Apple block NHS contact tracing app update 

In the UK, an update for the NHS’s app for COVID-19 contact tracing has been blocked by Apple and Google for breaking the terms of an agreement that was made.  The update... Read more »

CDC announces new recommendations for fully vaccinated people 

With over 20% of the US population now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, many are waiting for the latest travel updates and guidance for quarantine and testing.  Last week, the CDC released its... Read more »

Will children be vaccinated against COVID-19? 

Now that over 500 million COVID-19 vaccines have been given, normality is on the horizon. But, many parents are now wondering whether the vaccine will be available for children and teens.  Studies... Read more »

FDA issues warning to companies selling unauthorized CBD products 

CBD is sometimes used in health products, such as creams or pills, and is marketed as having an array of benefits. For example, many manufacturers of these products claim they can treat... Read more »

Rise in pedestrian deaths reported during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Surprisingly, figures show that the number of pedestrians killed by cars has increased during the pandemic. This follows a recent report that driving accidents and fatalities have also risen, despite there being... Read more »

The dangers of excessive screen time for teenagers

There are now over 3 billion smartphone users globally. In the last few years, however, concerns have been raised over the effects they have on people, particularly kids and teens. Although a... Read more »

How to lose weight – 5 tips for weight loss 

There are lots of diets, supplements, and meal plans out there to lose weight. Some promise rapid weight loss, but many of these options can be dangerous or ineffective.  There are, however,... Read more »

Vaccine Passports Offer Solution to Epidemic of Coronavirus Vaccine Scams

An increasing number of people, understandably excited after finally receiving the Covid vaccine, have been posting photographs online of themselves and the paper cards which many countries are handing out to track... Read more »