Spotify announces its latest expansion plans 

In an announcement in a live-streamed event, Spotify says its planning to expand its services to 85 new markets. The new launches, which will follow its earlier expansion drive, will mean the... Read more »

Australian Facebook users are now unable to access news content 

After proposals from the Australian government designed to regulate the way online platforms share content, Facebook has announced that Australian users will be blocked from viewing any links to news articles on... Read more »

Are MLM schemes a good way to make money? 

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Regulator threatens with court action over holiday refunds 

In the last year, millions of consumers have had their holidays canceled because of the pandemic. And, many have faced difficulties when trying to get a refund.  In fact, a report by... Read more »

Companies have increased data security spending during the pandemic 

During the pandemic, individuals and employers have spent a record amount of time online. This has resulted in fresh concerns over how users’ personal data is used and shared and how it... Read more »

GM announces plans for meeting reaching neutrality goals 

Electric vehicles are an important factor in combating climate change. To meet international emissions targets and limit warming to below 2 degrees celsius, environmental groups have, in recent years, been campaigning for... Read more »

Google announces plans to block third-party cookies on Chrome browser 

Online cookies are used by websites to recognize users. They contain information that is transferred to a device, making them a controversial tool used by technology companies.  Amid privacy concerns, many countries... Read more »

Signal faces technical problems after influx of new users 

Following an influx of new users in the last week, Signal, which is a free encrypted messenger service and rival to Facebook, has been experiencing technical difficulties.  Millions of new users have... Read more »

10 ways to make money online during the pandemic 

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How to improve your personal finances in 2021 

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