US food regulator publishes new guidance on labelling for plant-based milk 

More people have switched to a plant-based diet in recent years for environmental or health reasons. This has meant increased demand for alternatives, and the global milk substitutes market is now valued... Read more »

DoorDash announces new retail partnerships and shopping options 

In a recent announcement, DoorDash said that it plans to team up with several retailers to provide customers with a faster delivery service. It also says that it will be introducing new... Read more »

Eli Lily announces plans to cut the price of insulin by 70%

Eli Lily recently announced price cuts for some of the most commonly used types of insulin. The company says there will be a new cap on the out-of-pocket costs of the drug... Read more »

How to work from home when you have ADHD 

Since the start of the pandemic, working from home has become more common. There are many benefits to remote working, like more flexibility and improved work-life balance.  However, there are some downsides.... Read more »

United Airlines announces a new policy to help families with young children

At the moment, anyone travelling with United Airlines has to pay extra to book seats together. However, the airline has announced that to make it easier for families travelling together, parents will... Read more »

Fuel prices have started rising again despite signs of slowing in December 

Although there was a small decline in fuel prices in December, they are now significantly higher than at the start of the year in the US.  A month ago, the average price... Read more »

Walmart is now expanding one of its most popular product lines 

The online “Netflix Hub” has proven to be extremely popular with Walmart customers. In light of this, then the company has announced that it plans to expand this section to physical stores. ... Read more »

Popular dating apps add new features to help protect users 

The Match Group, which owns some of the most popular dating apps, including Hinge, Plenty of Fish, Match, and Tinder, has announced that it will be strengthening protection for users.  Reports show... Read more »

Amazon announces job cuts amid economic uncertainty 

As Amazon continues to struggle to save costs in the current economic climate, the company has released a statement saying it plans to cut over 18,000 jobs in the coming months.  This... Read more »

US trade commission bans products from major Chinese tech companies 

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it will be banning the sale and import of new products from five major Chinese companies due to security concerns.  In a statement,... Read more »