Google announces that it will start deleting inactive accounts

Starting on December 1, Google will begin deleting inactive accounts along with all associated content. This includes Gmail messages, Google Photos, Calendar events, YouTube videos, Google Contacts, and Google Drive documents. An... Read more »

When will you be able to delete Threads without deleting Instagram?

Threads was initially described as a “Twitter-killer” after the app saw record-breaking growth in its first few weeks. The platform was first launched as a direct challenge to X, formerly known as... Read more »

Despite the latest iPhone release, Apple’s sales have continued to fall 

Even though demand for iPhones has been high recently, Apple has still seen a persistent sales decline. Other services like the streaming platform Apple TV+ have also done well, but this hasn’t... Read more »

Why more shoppers are now embracing secondhand shopping

Secondhand shopping is rapidly emerging as a fresh approach for both buying and saving, and we can attribute this shift, at least in part, to inflation.  Inflation has ushered in a wave... Read more »

Could Google’s new property rental feature rival Airbnb? 

Google has entered the vacation rental market, setting the stage for a potential rivalry with Airbnb. But is Google aiming to dominate the world, or simply make life easier for everyone?  Google... Read more »

FDA considers an application for at-home flu vaccine approval

On Tuesday, AstraZeneca announced that the US Food and Drug Administration is currently reviewing an application regarding the possibility of allowing self-administration of the nasal spray flu vaccine, FluMist.  Since its introduction... Read more »

The latest payment options to be added to Apple Pay 

Apple Pay has broadened its payment options by adding several new methods: Venmo and PayPal credit and debit cards. This comes just months after Apple became the first tech company to offer... Read more »

Amazon could soon use drones to deliver medication

Amazon’s pharmacy has announced its latest venture: drone delivery. The new feature allows customers in College Station, Texas to order prescription medications through Amazon Pharmacy and have them delivered via drone within... Read more »

Minecraft sets a new gaming sales record, selling over 300 million copies 

At an event over the weekend, Minecraft’s developer, Mojang Studios, announced that it has broken another sales record. The company has now sold over 300 million copies of the game worldwide. Minecraft... Read more »

FDA considers whether to remove over-the-counter allergy medicines from pharmacies 

Phenylephrine is a common ingredient in many over-the-counter and cold medications, including Benadryl Allergy Plus Congestion, Sudafed PE, Tylenol Cold and Flu Severe Day & Night, and Vicks Sinex. But, these products... Read more »