US trade commission bans products from major Chinese tech companies 

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it will be banning the sale and import of new products from five major Chinese companies due to security concerns.  In a statement,... Read more »

Twitter sees a surge of fake accounts after changes to policies

Since Elon Musk announced the introduction of the new Twitter Blue subscription service, experts have warned that it could lead to a surge in the number of fake accounts. So far, this... Read more »

Airbnb announces plans to make prices more transparent 

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How inflation has affected holiday shopping habits 

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What are the biggest car insurance misconceptions?

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How common is “shrinkflation” in 2022? 

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Slowing economy has meant lower sales for tech giants

Two of the world’s largest tech companies, Alphabet and Microsoft, have recently reported their sales figures slowing down due to growing fears about the economic climate. After the recent problems with the... Read more »

FCC starts a major crackdown on robot text and call scams 

 In the last year, robotexts and calls have surged from 1 billion to 15.6 billion a month, with most messages being scams. This puts consumers in a vulnerable position, as many could... Read more »

Amazon’s launches a new service that could help you save money 

Amazon has launched a new discount shopping hub to help its customers save money. The service is called Amazon Access and has started being rolled out for US-based shoppers.  The Amazon Access... Read more »

Netflix plans to branch out into online gaming services 

As Netflix continues its efforts to become a leader in the gaming industry, the company announced in a blog post this week that it is setting up its own video game studio. ... Read more »