What’s the deadline to claim tax refunds from 2020? 

According to the IRS, close to 940,000 people have yet to claim their refunds from 2020, which collectively is over $1 billion. Now, as the 2024 tax season comes to an end,... Read more »

Diet advert posted by Katie Price banned from Instagram 

Katie Price’s Instagram advertisement promoting a low-calorie diet for The Skinny Food Co. has been banned by the advertising watchdog.  The video, shared last August, featured the former glamour model detailing her... Read more »

10 tips for successfully transitioning to remote work

Transitioning from a traditional office setting to remote work can be a big adjustment. Whether you’re new to remote work or adapting to a fully remote setup, here are ten tips to... Read more »

FDA issues a warning over mental health risks of asthma medication 

The FDA has released a new warning after research found evidence of a link between widely used asthma medication to severe psychological episodes, including suicidal thoughts.  Concerns about the medication, Montelukast (commonly... Read more »

What to do if you find unauthorised transactions on your card

Discovering unauthorised transactions on your credit or debit card can often be a shock. Whether it’s a fraudulent purchase, a recurring charge you didn’t approve, or suspicious activity that you don’t recognise,... Read more »

Florida announces its latest crackdown on teenagers using social media 

As the risks of social media are becoming more well-known, an increasing number of governments are taking action to protect kids and teenagers from some of the dangers. Now, Florida is the... Read more »

DoorDash starts testing drone deliveries 

DoorDash has announced that it has started experimenting with drone deliveries in the US. This follows a number of other companies, including Amazon, who have also been testing out the idea of... Read more »

US Justice Department files antitrust lawsuit against Apple 

The U.S. Justice Department, alongside several states, has initiated an antitrust lawsuit against Apple over claims that the tech giant now has a monopoly over the smartphone market. The lawsuit states that... Read more »

AstraZeneca announces a cap on the cost of inhaler products 

The pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has announced that it will be yielding to demands for reduced prescription drug prices. From June 1st this year, there will be a limit on the cost of... Read more »

Airbnb announces a ban on security cameras inside properties 

Airbnb has announced a global ban on indoor security cameras in rental properties, effective immediately. Previously, hosts were permitted to install such cameras in common areas but were prohibited from placing them... Read more »