US approves a new aid package for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel 

The US House of Representatives has announced a new $61 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The vote passed with 311-112 votes, with all attempts to decrease Ukraine’s aid being... Read more »

How has the Netflix password crackdown affected profits? 

Netflix has reported a surge in profits during the first quarter of this year, which it has partly put down to measures taken to address password sharing. The latest password crackdown, which... Read more »

Researchers warn consumers about the data they’re giving to airlines with apps 

According to research by Cybernews, airlines are now collecting a wide array of data from apps on some user’s phones, and they could be using this data to gain an advantage.  When... Read more »

Eli Lily warns of temporary insulin shortages due to manufacturing issues 

Eli Lilly has issued a cautionary notice about the limited availability of two of its insulin brands, stating that they will be temporarily out of stock until later this month.  The affected... Read more »

The benefits of nutrition programmes in schools 

According to a recent study conducted by Yale University, nutritional programs in schools could help children to eat a balanced diet and maintain healthy body mass indices (BMIs). The researchers point out... Read more »

Ozempic to be included in Costo’s new weight loss programme 

Last year, Costo released information about a new collaboration with Sesame. The aim of the programme is, according to Costo, to provide healthcare services at reduced rates, irrespective of their insurance status. ... Read more »

What’s the deadline to claim tax refunds from 2020? 

According to the IRS, close to 940,000 people have yet to claim their refunds from 2020, which collectively is over $1 billion. Now, as the 2024 tax season comes to an end,... Read more »

Diet advert posted by Katie Price banned from Instagram 

Katie Price’s Instagram advertisement promoting a low-calorie diet for The Skinny Food Co. has been banned by the advertising watchdog.  The video, shared last August, featured the former glamour model detailing her... Read more »

10 tips for successfully transitioning to remote work

Transitioning from a traditional office setting to remote work can be a big adjustment. Whether you’re new to remote work or adapting to a fully remote setup, here are ten tips to... Read more »

How irregular sleep affects your mental and physical health 

Sleep is a necessary pause in the chaos of life, and the quality and regularity of sleep patterns can make a big difference to your physical and mental health.  Erratic sleep patterns... Read more »