World leaders announce pledge to cut methane emissions 

With the COP26 summit underway, EU  Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen and US President Joe Biden have announced a global partnership to support a pledge to cut emissions of the greenhouse... Read more »

Report shows greenhouse gas levels have hit a record high 

In the run-up to the climate talks in Glasgow, a recent report by the United Nations shows that greenhouse gas concentrations reached a record high last year.  The agency also says that... Read more »

Was the switch to E10 eco-petrol to blame for the UK’s fuel crisis? 

Now that the UK’s fuel crisis is nearly at an end, consumers and retailers are beginning to ask what caused the shortages in the first place.  So far, a number of issues... Read more »

Researchers find high levels of microplastics in babies 

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic found in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, cosmetics, agricultural fertilizers, and washing products. The effects are widely unknown, and despite calls for a ban, some... Read more »

Air pollution could increase the risk of pregnancy complications 

It’s estimated that air pollution causes seven million deaths globally each year. According to WHO data, most people live in areas that exceed the guidelines for the limits on levels of pollutants,... Read more »

Report shows that 20 companies produce 55% of plastic globally

The environmental impacts of plastic have been a concern for many years. Plastic bottles, packaging, and bags are among the billions of items that are used once and then thrown away.  Plastic... Read more »

The benefits of access to green spaces in the pandemic 

In a time when people are spending so much time indoors, parks are now serving an essential role. In a study, researchers have found that there’s a huge benefit to having outdoor... Read more »

Report highlights the growing health risks of air pollution

The health risks of pollution, like decreased lung function and increased chances of suffering from asthma and bronchitis, have been a concern for many years.  According to the WHO, 90% of people now... Read more »

GM announces plans for meeting reaching neutrality goals 

Electric vehicles are an important factor in combating climate change. To meet international emissions targets and limit warming to below 2 degrees celsius, environmental groups have, in recent years, been campaigning for... Read more »

The US announces its return to the Paris Agreement

In 2020, the US officially withdrew from the Paris Agreement – a decision that was made by President Trump in 2017. However, Joe Biden has announced that the US will rejoin the... Read more »