New Covid treatments offer solution for Delta variant and beyond

On Monday, Pfizer-BioNTech’s Comirnaty became the first Covid-19 vaccine to move past Emergency Use Authorization and gain full FDA approval in the United States. US politicians and public health authorities, including President... Read more »

Nutriscore under fire as French Roquefort producers voice dissent

Nutriscore under fire as French Roquefort producers voice dissent French Roquefort producers are calling for a re-evaluation of the Nutriscore food labelling system after their celebrated cheese was given a lowly ‘E’... Read more »

Innovative treatments give new hope to Covid-19 patients

The US Food and Drug Administration and the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) both recently approved the emergency use of Sotrovimab (Vir-7831), an encouraging new treatment for patients battling Covid-19.... Read more »

Vaccine Passports Offer Solution to Epidemic of Coronavirus Vaccine Scams

An increasing number of people, understandably excited after finally receiving the Covid vaccine, have been posting photographs online of themselves and the paper cards which many countries are handing out to track... Read more »

3 Ways to Thrive as a Freelancer during COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has upended the worldwide economy and just about every industry. With millions of people suddenly jobless and forced to find new ways to make a living, the gig economy... Read more »

Is COVID-19 Transforming Our Society into a Technocracy?

Every government operates differently when there’s a country-wide or state-wide emergency. In cases when a public health emergency strikes, it calls for an entirely different response plan. The novel coronavirus outbreak took... Read more »

Researchers create global map of bees to help conservation efforts 

Bee populations are currently facing a lot of pressure due to pesticide use and loss of habitats. Now, to try and address this important issue, scientists have created a global map to... Read more »

Study investigates the use of prescription drugs 

The US has an ageing population, with the average age of adults steadily rising. In 2019, the median age was 39.4 years. This is over 10 years higher than figures from 1970.... Read more »

Credit card companies criticized over fee increases 

During the coronavirus pandemic, Mastercard and Visa have seen their profits increase due to more consumers using card payments. However, campaigners have accused the firms of taking advantage of their market dominance... Read more »

Some 5G apple iphone 12 shoppers may need to have to change to T-Mobile

Along with Apple readied to present its own very first 5G apples iphone this coming Tuesday, U.S. customers may need to create a big league choice regarding switching over service providers after... Read more »