Millions of people in Japan urged to turn their lights off as heatwave continues 

As a record-breaking heatwave continues in Japan, the government has urged people and businesses in Tokyo and the surrounding areas to do whatever they can to reduce electricity consumption, after fears were... Read more »

Red Cross warns that failing to prepare for future heatwaves could cause more deaths 

Deadly heat waves have become more common in recent years. It’s estimated that around 480,000 people die from extreme heat every year globally.  The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent... Read more »

New study reveals the impact pollution has on life expectancy 

According to a shocking new study, the global population will lose 17 billion years of life because of air pollution. The researchers found that nearly all of the world’s population are now... Read more »

FDA advisors vote in favor of approving Novavax Covid-19 vaccine 

Members of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted that authorizing Novavax’s Covid-19 vaccine for use in adults would be beneficial.  The advisors were asked on Tuesday to vote... Read more »

President Biden invokes Defense Production Act to expand clean energy manufacturing 

Earlier this week, President Biden announced that he is invoking the Defense Production Act to boost the manufacturing of essential technologies for decarbonization, like solar panels, heat pumps, insulation, electrolyzers, fuel cells,... Read more »

US Administration launches new scheme to combat baby formula shortage 

The White House has announced a new scheme to provide relief to parents struggling to get hold of baby formula. The program, known as “Operation Fly Formula”, will be run by FedEx. ... Read more »

Twitter fined $150 million for misleading users about data sharing

Twitter has agreed to pay a $150 million fine for failing to protect the data of its users. According to federal officials, the company used data to help marketers target ads on... Read more »

Investigation launched into Tesla Autopilot after crash that caused three deaths 

A new investigation has been launched into the safety of Tesla’s Autopilot feature after a crash that killed three people. Safety regulators in the US are also looking at more than 30... Read more »

FDA looks for solutions as shortage of baby formula continues 

As supply chain issues continue to cause a shortage of baby formula, the FDA says it’s working to resolve the issue that’s leading to parents frantically searching for the product. The agency... Read more »

FDA updates its guidance on who should take the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine 

The Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February 2021 under an Emergency Use Authorization for the over-18s.  However, following further research and... Read more »