UN report finds an increase in maternal deaths globally 

A recent report from the United Nations has found that in almost every region of the world, the number of maternal deaths has either increased or remained the same since 2015.  The... Read more »

How to cope with the extra pollen as allergy seasons get longer

The latest data from the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma physicians practice shows that the pollen count reached the “extremely high” range in some parts of Southern and Eastern US states this week.... Read more »

Eli Lily announces plans to cut the price of insulin by 70%

Eli Lily recently announced price cuts for some of the most commonly used types of insulin. The company says there will be a new cap on the out-of-pocket costs of the drug... Read more »

United Airlines announces a new policy to help families with young children

At the moment, anyone travelling with United Airlines has to pay extra to book seats together. However, the airline has announced that to make it easier for families travelling together, parents will... Read more »

Experts call for tougher regulations for the infant formula industry 

With the recent shortages of baby formula being a huge concern for parents, health experts have warned that misleading marketing tactics are exploiting consumers and they need to end.  According to a... Read more »

Is it possible to reduce the risk of long Covid? 

For most people with Covid-19, it takes up to a few weeks to make a full recovery. However, for some people, symptoms can last longer and lead to a condition called “long... Read more »

TikTok trend blamed for a shortage of prescription diabetes drug 

A new TikTok video that recently went viral has been blamed for shortages of a prescription diabetes drug, Ozempic. In the video, the creator claimed that the drug can make it easier... Read more »

Cancer rates are rising in young people: what are the risks? 

The number of cancer deaths has been falling for several decades. Research shows that cancer deaths fell by 33% between 1991 and 2021 due to early detection and better treatment options.  However,... Read more »

Fuel prices have started rising again despite signs of slowing in December 

Although there was a small decline in fuel prices in December, they are now significantly higher than at the start of the year in the US.  A month ago, the average price... Read more »

How common is junk food addiction? 

For anyone struggling to maintain a healthy weight, having an unhealthy relationship with food or feeling dependent on junk food can be a major factor.  Now, a new study by the University... Read more »