Australian Facebook users are now unable to access news content 

After proposals from the Australian government designed to regulate the way online platforms share content, Facebook has announced that Australian users will be blocked from viewing any links to news articles on... Read more »

Report highlights the growing health risks of air pollution

The health risks of pollution, like decreased lung function and increased chances of suffering from asthma and bronchitis, have been a concern for many years.  According to the WHO, 90% of people now... Read more »

Companies have increased data security spending during the pandemic 

During the pandemic, individuals and employers have spent a record amount of time online. This has resulted in fresh concerns over how users’ personal data is used and shared and how it... Read more »

GM announces plans for meeting reaching neutrality goals 

Electric vehicles are an important factor in combating climate change. To meet international emissions targets and limit warming to below 2 degrees celsius, environmental groups have, in recent years, been campaigning for... Read more »

How infectious are the new variants of Covid-19? 

In the last month, several new strains of Covid-19 have been identified around the world. The UK was the first to announce a new variant, which resulted in tougher restrictions. Although mutations... Read more »

The US announces its return to the Paris Agreement

In 2020, the US officially withdrew from the Paris Agreement – a decision that was made by President Trump in 2017. However, Joe Biden has announced that the US will rejoin the... Read more »

Are we protecting children from harmful online content?

Since the internet’s launch, children’s safety has been a huge concern. Now, parents and guardians are more anxious than ever.  So, how can society prevent children from exposure to dangerous online content? ... Read more »

European Union close to approving Pfizer’s vaccine 

The EU hopes to roll out the first phase of a mass vaccination program this week. But, before this can happen, the European Commission and health regulators need to approve the drug... Read more »

DOJ files lawsuit against Facebook for discrimination

Following a complaint, the Department of Justice is suing internet giant Facebook over allegations that it discriminates against US citizens in its recruitment process. The complaint is over Facebook’s recruitment systems, which,... Read more »

3 Ways to Thrive as a Freelancer during COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has upended the worldwide economy and just about every industry. With millions of people suddenly jobless and forced to find new ways to make a living, the gig economy... Read more »