UN report finds an increase in maternal deaths globally 

A recent report from the United Nations has found that in almost every region of the world, the number of maternal deaths has either increased or remained the same since 2015.  The... Read more »

Protecting your online privacy: which is the safest web browser? 

Online activity is normally tracked for marketing and analytics purposes. This isn’t automatically a problem, as it can be useful. It helps marketers and creators to improve their online content and build... Read more »

How to cope with the extra pollen as allergy seasons get longer

The latest data from the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma physicians practice shows that the pollen count reached the “extremely high” range in some parts of Southern and Eastern US states this week.... Read more »

Researchers find a potential risk in following the keto diet

According to new research, following a keto diet or similar could increase the risk of heart disease as it is linked to higher levels of bad cholesterol. This could double the risk... Read more »

Eli Lily announces plans to cut the price of insulin by 70%

Eli Lily recently announced price cuts for some of the most commonly used types of insulin. The company says there will be a new cap on the out-of-pocket costs of the drug... Read more »

Study finds that the risk of kids being cyberbullied is at an all-time high

According to a study by Bark, an organisation that makes monitoring devices for parents, children are now experiencing cyberbullying and sexting at record levels.  Children’s safety online has been a concern since... Read more »

How to work from home when you have ADHD 

Since the start of the pandemic, working from home has become more common. There are many benefits to remote working, like more flexibility and improved work-life balance.  However, there are some downsides.... Read more »

Is it worth getting pet insurance?

With the cost of pet insurance higher than ever, and living costs continuing to climb, more consumers are looking for ways to save money. If you have a pet, insurance is usually... Read more »

United Airlines announces a new policy to help families with young children

At the moment, anyone travelling with United Airlines has to pay extra to book seats together. However, the airline has announced that to make it easier for families travelling together, parents will... Read more »

How to protect your Twitter account without paying for two-factor authentication 

In a recent blog post, Twitter announced that it will no longer be offering text message two-factor authentication for free accounts. Instead, only users that pay for its premium Twitter Blue service... Read more »