Can Ozempic really lead to unexpected pregnancies?

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Scammers targeting previous victims in “recovery scams” 

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US Agriculture Department announces new measures to stop the spread of bird flu 

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Spotify announces record profits for the year 

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US approves a new aid package for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel 

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How has the Netflix password crackdown affected profits? 

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Researchers warn consumers about the data they’re giving to airlines with apps 

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Eli Lily warns of temporary insulin shortages due to manufacturing issues 

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The benefits of nutrition programmes in schools 

According to a recent study conducted by Yale University, nutritional programs in schools could help children to eat a balanced diet and maintain healthy body mass indices (BMIs). The researchers point out... Read more »

Ozempic to be included in Costo’s new weight loss programme 

Last year, Costo released information about a new collaboration with Sesame. The aim of the programme is, according to Costo, to provide healthcare services at reduced rates, irrespective of their insurance status. ... Read more »