How to save money on energy bills: 10 tips for cutting the cost of gas and electric 

Energy prices have skyrocketed in the last year. Since demand has picked up following the end of COVID-19 lockdowns, wholesale gas prices have risen by more than 300%.  Here are some of... Read more »

How climate change could affect seasonal allergies 

A new study has found that allergy season could become longer and more intense due to climate change. This is because higher temperatures are linked to more pollen.  The study, which was... Read more »

Starbucks speeds up its efforts to eliminate single-use plastics 

Coffee chain Starbucks has announced that it’s moving away from single-use plastics and piloting a reusable cup scheme.  The company, which has pledged to become more sustainable in a number of ways,... Read more »

EU requires integrated implementation of rules to truly become a single market

According to a new report by the European Commission, more work still needs to be done to ensure that the rules upholding the bloc’s single market are fully implemented on the ground.... Read more »

Reducing vehicle emissions could reduce air pollution-related deaths 

Numerous reports have recently highlighted the health risks of air pollution, including a recent study by the WHO which shows that 90% of people now breathe high levels of pollutants.  This can... Read more »

Toyota announces $35 billion investment for electric vehicles 

At the international climate talks in Glasgow last month, six major automakers and 30 national governments pledged to start phasing out gas-powered vehicles by the year 2040, with the end goal of... Read more »

World leaders announce pledge to cut methane emissions 

With the COP26 summit underway, EU  Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen and US President Joe Biden have announced a global partnership to support a pledge to cut emissions of the greenhouse... Read more »

Report shows greenhouse gas levels have hit a record high 

In the run-up to the climate talks in Glasgow, a recent report by the United Nations shows that greenhouse gas concentrations reached a record high last year.  The agency also says that... Read more »

Was the switch to E10 eco-petrol to blame for the UK’s fuel crisis? 

Now that the UK’s fuel crisis is nearly at an end, consumers and retailers are beginning to ask what caused the shortages in the first place.  So far, a number of issues... Read more »

Researchers find high levels of microplastics in babies 

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic found in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, cosmetics, agricultural fertilizers, and washing products. The effects are widely unknown, and despite calls for a ban, some... Read more »