Twitter fined $150 million for misleading users about data sharing

Twitter has agreed to pay a $150 million fine for failing to protect the data of its users. According to federal officials, the company used data to help marketers target ads on... Read more »

Elon Musk is now Twitter’s biggest shareholder after buying a 9.2% stake 

According to a US securities filing, Elon Musk has purchased a 9.2% stake in the social media platform, Twitter. The Tesla chief executive now owns 73,486,938 shares in the company.  After buying... Read more »

The health benefits of owning a pet 

Pets can provide companionship and joy. During difficult times especially, many people benefit from having a pet, but they also bring a number of health benefits.  Here are some of the ways... Read more »

Researchers find that avocados could benefit women’s long-term health 

Avocados have been a popular food item over the last few years. Now, researchers have found that women who eat avocado every day could have long-term health benefits.  The study was conducted... Read more »

Toyota announces $35 billion investment for electric vehicles 

At the international climate talks in Glasgow last month, six major automakers and 30 national governments pledged to start phasing out gas-powered vehicles by the year 2040, with the end goal of... Read more »

Physical stores could be on the horizon for Meta following its rebrand 

Just weeks after Facebook’s rebrand to Meta, the company is reportedly now interested in building physical stores in the coming years.  According to founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the rebrand is designed... Read more »

Was the switch to E10 eco-petrol to blame for the UK’s fuel crisis? 

Now that the UK’s fuel crisis is nearly at an end, consumers and retailers are beginning to ask what caused the shortages in the first place.  So far, a number of issues... Read more »

The link between healthy habits and happiness 

In recent years, there’s been a shift towards healthier lifestyle choices, like following a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.  Now, a study by researchers at the University of Kent... Read more »

The dangers of excessive screen time for teenagers

There are now over 3 billion smartphone users globally. In the last few years, however, concerns have been raised over the effects they have on people, particularly kids and teens. Although a... Read more »

Australian Facebook users are now unable to access news content 

After proposals from the Australian government designed to regulate the way online platforms share content, Facebook has announced that Australian users will be blocked from viewing any links to news articles on... Read more »