How long should women wait to conceive after pregnancy? 

  Many experts recommend that women wait at least 18 months to two years to get pregnant again after giving birth. However, according to a new study, it might not be necessary... Read more »

Drug companies agree on a settlement for their role in the opioid crisis 

Pharmaceutical companies have been widely criticized for their role in the opioid addiction crisis. Now, four of the biggest US drug giants have agreed to pay $26 million to settle claims.  Earlier... Read more »

State attorneys urge regulators to tighten the standards for child car seats 

Parents rely on child car seats to keep their children safe when traveling. But, a letter from a group of attorneys argued that the designs of the seats aren’t safe enough.  The... Read more »

Should household cleaning products carry health warnings? 

The market for household cleaning products is valued at around $30 billion. For consumers, these are everyday items that many people rely on.  However, according to scientists, cleaning products, along with DIY... Read more »

Robinhood app fined $70 million for giving ‘false or misleading information’

The Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has just fined the trading app Robinhood $70 million, which is the largest penalty ever imposed by the organization.  According to a statement from FINRA, Robinhood has... Read more »

Juul agrees to pay settlement in lawsuit over advertising practices 

The e-cigarette maker Juul has now agreed to pay $40 million to settle a lawsuit with North Caroline after being accused of intentionally marketing its products to teenagers.  The US state accused... Read more »

Pinterest bans all weight loss-related ads 

In recent years, there has been growing concern over the effects of social media on mental health, and especially on body image and self-esteem.  One study found that 87% of women and 65%... Read more »

How to recognize and deal with delivery text scams 

In the last year, online sales grew by 27.6% globally compared to the previous year. If you’ve been ordering more products online, you’ve probably had parcel delivery text messages.  However, this has... Read more »

Pfizer has suspended the distribution of Chantix 

After discovering some batches could be contaminated with a carcinogen, Pfizer has halted the distribution of its stop-smoking drug Chantix.  During testing, Pfizer found high levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) – a common nitrosamine –... Read more »

Nutriscore under fire as French Roquefort producers voice dissent

Nutriscore under fire as French Roquefort producers voice dissent French Roquefort producers are calling for a re-evaluation of the Nutriscore food labelling system after their celebrated cheese was given a lowly ‘E’... Read more »