US approves a new aid package for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel 

The US House of Representatives has announced a new $61 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The vote passed with 311-112 votes, with all attempts to decrease Ukraine’s aid being rejected just before the vote.

In an uncommon Saturday session, the House addressed approving additional foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

This package includes $61 billion for Ukraine, aimed at improving its military capabilities, along with substantial aid for Israel covering both military and humanitarian assistance. 

Additionally, some of the funds are earmarked for countries in the Indo-Pacific region to counter Chinese aggression.

Ukraine is already running low on weapons and expecting Russian advances without additional support. This means that bipartisan backing has become imperative, despite ongoing discord within the Republican-controlled House. 

In addition to helping with Ukraine’s defence, the bill includes some provisions for Israel’s ongoing conflict with Palestinian militants in the region and support for the Indo-Pacific allies to counter Chinese influence. 

The legislation currently includes a number of measures and approaches approach to foreign policy challenges. For example, there are sanctions and the potential transfer of seized Russian assets to Ukraine

Speaker Mike Johnson has struggled to deal with the delicate balance between hardline Republican demands and the urgent need to assist vulnerable allies around the world. Despite some challenges to his leadership, Johnson has persisted in advancing the aid package, 

However, hardline Republicans have talked about their concerns about mounting national debt and reluctance to deepen involvement in foreign conflicts. Many of them have been clear about their strong opposition the bill, which is still a threat to Johnson’s efforts.

In response to the news, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed gratitude for the “vital” support from the US, as the country’s resources dwindle. NATO Chief has also welcomed the move.

President Joe Biden urges the Senate to approve the package as quickly as possible so he can enact it into law and start the aid transfer.

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