Ozempic to be included in Costo’s new weight loss programme 

Last year, Costo released information about a new collaboration with Sesame. The aim of the programme is, according to Costo, to provide healthcare services at reduced rates, irrespective of their insurance status. 

Now, the retail giant has introduced an exclusive weight loss program for its members. Alongside nutrition guidance, clinical consultations, and personalised plans, eligible participants can also obtain prescriptions for weight loss medications such as Ozempic and Wegovy.

How will the scheme work? 

Exclusively available to Costco members, the new weight loss initiative offers customers tailor-made weight loss strategies. Members are empowered to choose a weight loss specialist to collaborate with throughout the program. 

Once selected, they can schedule a consultation with their chosen provider to discuss weight loss objectives, medical history, and other pertinent program details. 

Should the specialist deem a weight loss medication suitable, they will issue the prescription. Upon receiving the prescription, members can start their treatment while enjoying continuous support from their weight loss specialist.

In addition to facilitating access to weight loss medications, the subscription plan delivers personalised nutritional and exercise advice aligned with members’ goals and requirements. 

They also benefit from unlimited access to specialists for queries, meal planning assistance, exploration of treatment alternatives, and more.

With this subscription, members receive:

  • A virtual consultation with a weight loss specialist
  • GLP-1 or other appropriate weight loss medications
  • Assistance with insurance coordination for prescription authorisation
  • Continuous support via unlimited messaging, nutritional and exercise guidance
  • Laboratory orders, if necessary

According to the latest information from Costco, interested members can enrol in a three-month subscription for $179 or $60 per month. The subscription price excludes the cost of prescriptions and any required lab work. 

Sesame can assist consumers in navigating insurance pre-authorisations for medication expenses. However, uninsured members must bear the full cost of medications, which can range from $950 to $1,600 per month, as listed on Sesame’s website.

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