Interest in weight loss drugs is still high – and here’s why 

Weight loss products, like “fad diets” and other quick fixes, are known to cause long-term health problems. But that doesn’t seem to be enough to put people off, and they’re as popular as ever.

According to a new survey from KFF, most US adults have heard of weight loss drugs, which include Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro. Furthermore, almost half of the respondents said they would be interested in trying one, although less than 1 in 7 had actually done so. 

Nearly 60% of the adult surveyed who were trying to lose weight said that would consider a weight-loss prescription drug if it was safe and effective. Even out of those who weren’t trying to lose weight, around a quarter said they would be interested in the products with approval. 

In particular, those who had been told by a doctor that they were overweight or obese were most interested in weight loss drugs, especially if they needed to lose more than 20 lbs. 

Why are so many people interested in weight loss drugs? 

Interest in weight loss drugs is so high, and there could be a few reasons for this. 

For example: 

  • Health concerns: Some people are looking for ways to lose weight to improve their health, which can reduce the risks of conditions like diabetes and heart disease. 
  • Social pressure: Social media, advertising, and other social pressure can emphasize the importance of being slim, which can mean some people opt for drastic measures. 
  • Quick fixes: In a fast-paced world, many people are drawn to quick and easy solutions. Weight loss drugs may seem like a convenient way to shed pounds without necessarily having to make significant lifestyle changes, like exercise or healthy eating. 
  • Medical recommendations: In some cases, a healthcare professional might recommend or even prescribe a weight loss drug for someone who is clinically obese. 
  • Lack of success with traditional methods: Sometimes, weight loss drugs are a last resort. If someone is struggling to lose weight with any other method, they might be appealing. 


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