How to block adult sites using FamiSafe

The biggest advantage of FamiSafe is that it provides all-out control to the parents, the way no other app provides. It thus ensures that their child only accesses the safest sites. Starting from tracking the present location of the kid to letting them know when they enter and leave a specific place, it is useful for all. The app enables parents to restrict their kid’s usage of devices during certain hours.

Also, the app enables parents to take control of the entire aspect remotely, from anywhere. No need of worrying about technical proficiency; the dashboard is quite simple which can be used by the parents with any level of technical proficiency. The app can be used over both smartphone and desktops.

How FamiSafe functions?

Broadly, FamiSafe app enables its users in handling the entire aspect through following two approaches.

Contextual Notifications

In this approach, the user gets an instant notification about when their kids get into and come out of a specific place. This is done through location tracking upon finding something inappropriate over their device.

For users needing contextual notification, the app (FamiSafe) uses active location tracking method for specifying the current location of the child. It delivers notification upon activating geofence.

Limit or Block phone usage

In this mode, the user can thoroughly monitor and block contents from the device of the concerned kid. Here the parents are assured that their kids are not even reading, watching or listening to anything that’s inappropriate for them. The user gets notified when anything inappropriate is sent to the phone of their child.

For parents going with this approach, FamiSafe installs a particular profile on the phone of the kid. This profile after being installed, lets the application keep thorough control on certain types of contents, mobile apps, as well as features on kid’s phone. This functionality is very akin to the harmful platforms, restricting specific applications and sites on devices after identifying them instantly.

How to start with FamiSafe?

But, how to block porn with Famisafe? You see, FamiSafe is such supremely popular as an application for the incredible ease it provides for the parents. In fact, the steps are quite simple, as discussed below.

The first step is about downloading the application from PlayStore and installing the same.
After the installation is done, the next step is to sign-up and get registered with the account on FamiSafe.
After registration is done, one needs to log in with the account through their device and set it as a Parent account.
The next step is about simply following the instructions appearing over the screen as it shows for completion of the setup process on the parent device.
Now the parents can visit the smartphone of the kid and install the FamiSafe app over the same.
Finally, it’s time to sign in with the FamiSafe account and set-up the profile as a kid.
Simply go through the instructions as it shows over the smartphone of the kid and ensures that the FamiSafe profile gets properly installed.
Once the devices are set, the entire features of FamiSafe on the smartphone of the child are controlled remotely through the parent app.

So if you are worried about your kid looking for trouble online, or wondering where he/she is going after school, then this is the perfect solution for you. All you need is to follow the above-mentioned steps, download famisafe and you can rest assured about your kid’s safety.

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