Amazon’s launches a new service that could help you save money 

Amazon has launched a new discount shopping hub to help its customers save money. The service is called Amazon Access and has started being rolled out for US-based shoppers. 

The Amazon Access service will give shoppers more ways to pay and provide additional savings for anyone receiving SNAP EBT. In addition to this, shoppers who qualify for government assistance will get a discount when signing up for a Prime membership. 

With the cost of living rising and the holiday season fast approaching, Amazon Access could provide online shoppers with greater savings, especially for those on lower incomes. 

Anyone qualifying for financial help from the government will get 50% off their Prime membership, paying just $6.99 per month but still getting all the same benefits. 

It also means that consumers with a SNAP EBT card can use their card on Amazon and save money on their groceries. These savings are available for a range of food products, including meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables, bread, cereals, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks. 

The company wrote in a blog post on its website: “Amazon launched a grassroots program to listen and learn from customers in communities across the country. In fact, this customer feedback is central to the design of our products and services. 

We found that many of our customers are looking for ways to save money and time, now more than ever. We know that online shopping is a big part of how they save, and that’s why we’re introducing Amazon Access, a hub to make shopping easier for all customers.” 

“Millions of households that receive benefits from one of 10 government assistance programs can join Prime Access to enjoy all that Prime offers while saving more than 50% on their membership costs. 

And customers have responded, expanding program membership by more than 300% from 2019 to the end of 2021. By launching a new name, we’re excited to bring customers more visibility on how they can access Prime’s valuable benefits, exclusive perks, and savings.” 

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