Airbnb announces a ban on security cameras inside properties 

Airbnb has announced a global ban on indoor security cameras in rental properties, effective immediately. Previously, hosts were permitted to install such cameras in common areas but were prohibited from placing them in private spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms.

However, this policy has been reversed. As of April 30, indoor cameras will be strictly forbidden in all Airbnb rentals, regardless of prior permissions or disclosures.

Furthermore, Airbnb is revising its regulations concerning outdoor security cameras. While outdoor cameras remain permissible, hosts must now disclose their presence and precise locations to guests before booking.

These cameras must exclusively monitor outdoor areas, abstaining from capturing any indoor footage. Additionally, Airbnb is imposing restrictions on where outdoor cameras can be positioned, explicitly forbidding them in areas such as saunas or showers.

In adherence to these new guidelines, hosts must also inform renters if they employ noise decibel monitors. These devices must be restricted to common areas and used solely for measuring sound, with no recording or transmitting capabilities.

These changes will take effect on April 30, allowing hosts time to adjust to the updated rules. After that date, any violations of the new policies can be reported and the company said it will investigate and take action when needed, which may include removing listings or accounts.

Airbnb assures that the majority of its listings do not feature security cameras at the moment, which should minimize the impact of these regulations on both renters and hosts

Juniper Downs, head of community policy and partnerships at Airbnb said in a statement: “Our goal was to create new, clear rules that provide our community with greater clarity about what to expect on Airbnb. These changes were made in consultation with our guests, hosts, and privacy experts, and we’ll continue to seek feedback to help ensure our policies work for our global community.”

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