Researchers create global map of bees to help conservation efforts 

Bee populations are currently facing a lot of pressure due to pesticide use and loss of habitats. Now, to try and address this important issue, scientists have created a global map to... Read more »

How many COVID-19 cases have no symptoms?

Most people that test positive for COVID-19 have mild to moderate symptoms, with a small number developing a more severe illness that can be fatal.  Serious cases are more likely to occur... Read more »

US has officially withdrawn from the Paris Agreement on climate change 

After a three-year delay, the US is now the first country in the world to officially withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.  The decision was made by President Trump in June 2017.... Read more »

The effects of artificial intelligence on purchasing decisions

The rollout of loyalty cards and online shopping carts means consumers’ shopping habits are no longer a secret.  The use of AI means that, using self-learning, intelligent software, retailers are becoming much... Read more »

Credit card companies criticized over fee increases 

During the coronavirus pandemic, Mastercard and Visa have seen their profits increase due to more consumers using card payments. However, campaigners have accused the firms of taking advantage of their market dominance... Read more »

Popular children’s apps removed by Google over privacy concerns 

After reports of violation of privacy policies, Google has removed three popular apps from Google Play Store. This comes amid concerns over the collection and misuse of online data.  The number of... Read more »

New AirPower brought in to wirelessly bill upcoming 5G apples iphone simply, can emerge upcoming month

On September 12 th, 2017, Apple revealed its own cordless demanding pad named AirPower. The pad’s specialty was its own potential to wirelessly replace the electric batteries on an apple iphone, an... Read more »

UNITED STATE nods an additional Mandarin technician company as well as imperils to place it on the Company Checklist

The U.S. once more finds to give discomfort on a Chinese technician business, this moment Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC). Depending on to the Financial Times, U.S. providers will certainly currently need... Read more »

Commercial expert recommends apple iphone 12 mini may be the reported 4G-only design

Because of considerable water leaks, we understand what to anticipate of the apple iphone 12 – the A14 Bionic potato chip, 5G connection, and also OLED display screens. The forthcoming styles are... Read more »

FileWhopper: Online Large File Transfers made easy

Now more than ever, teams need an easy way to collaborate on projects, since Covid-19 has forced everyone to stay at home. If you’ve ever tried sharing a large file or folder... Read more »