Average rents increase again to the highest level since 2022 

Despite a dip in home prices in some areas, rents continue to climb across the board, keeping the overall cost of housing—whether buying or renting—near record highs.  According to a recent report... Read more »

Moderna’s combined Flu and COVID vaccine shows positive results in trials  

Moderna has reported encouraging results from the final stages of testing its new Covid-flu combination vaccine, mRNA-1083.  Describing the trial outcomes as “breakthrough results,” Moderna’s Chief Medical Affairs Officer noted that participants... Read more »

Campaigners object to Meta’s plans to use social media posts for AI training 

Plans by Meta to use public posts and images from Facebook and Instagram to train its artificial intelligence (AI) tools have faced backlash from digital rights groups.  The social media company has... Read more »

10 Ways to Reduce Your Screen Time 

Screens are everywhere – from phones and computers to TVs and tablets. And while technology brings many benefits, excessive screen time can have negative impacts on your physical and mental health. If... Read more »

Shares in GameStop rise after investor social media post 

GameStop, the beloved meme stock, is experiencing a resurgence following a social media post purportedly from the investor known as “Roaring Kitty.” The post claimed a large investment in the video game... Read more »

Trial for pandemic charity fraud disrupted after attempted bribery

A trial involving one of the largest pandemic fraud schemes in the United States has taken an unexpected twist due to an alleged attempt to bribe a juror. The juror reported that... Read more »

FDA approves Moderna’s mRNA vaccine for RSV 

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new vaccine to protect older adults from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).  The vaccine, made by Moderna, is marketed under the name mResvia. This... Read more »

Has China’s new approach to reducing sedentary behaviour in children worked?

China recently introduced new measures to reduce daily sedentary behaviour in children, which included restrictions on screen time. But has it been successful? According to a UK study, the approach has been... Read more »

CDC reports second case of bird flu in Michigan 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed that bird flu, which has spread to affect farm animals and some dairy products, has now infected two humans. The first case... Read more »

Florida approves law change on where c-sections can be performed 

Florida has become the first state to allow doctors to perform cesarean sections outside of hospitals after a private equity-owned physicians group argued the change would reduce costs and provide pregnant women... Read more »