Court orders Amazon to pay $500,000 settlement over health and safety breaches 

Amazon came under fire earlier this year for not providing its employees with enough protection against the rising number of coronavirus cases. 

Now, the state of California has ordered the tech giant to pay $500,000 to settle the claims brought forward by warehouse workers over safety and safety breaches. 

In addition to this, Amazon has also agreed to take steps to ensure it meets the requirements of state law and to improve its health and safety measures in the future. 

The law states that employees and local health agencies need to be notified if there are any potential COVID-19 exposures during working hours. 

However, it was recently discovered that 13 of its warehouses had had at least one COVID-19 case without notifying staff or providing screening for those with symptoms. 

The workers have also accused their employer of pressuring them into working longer hours during the health crisis without providing any protective gear, like masks. 

In a statement, California Attorney General Rob Bonta said it’s important to call Amazon out for hiding COVID-19 cases from employees and for other “harmful labor practices” during this time. 

The company, which currently has a 45% share of the US Ecommerce Market, failed to provide workers with key information and failed to protect them under Californian law. 

Under the “right to know” law in the state, retailers need to assist workers in monitoring the spread of viruses so they can protect themselves properly. 

He also noted, “As our nation continues to battle the pandemic, it is absolutely critical that businesses do their part to protect workers now — and especially during this holiday season. 

Bottom line: Californians have a right to know about potential exposures to the coronavirus to protect themselves, their families, and their communities. … This judgment sends a clear message that businesses must comply with this important law. It helps protect us all.”

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