5 Ways to Deal With Pandemic Fatigue 

Has the pandemic left you feeling exhausted? Fatigue is becoming more common. In fact, a study from the CDC shows that between 30% and 40% of people are now experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety. 

Since the pandemic began, people have been isolated at home a lot more. This can take a toll on our mental health, and it’s important to find ways to deal with this. 

If you want to boost your energy, you can start by developing a self-care routine at home. Here are five tips top tips for handling pandemic fatigue effectively. 

1. Take time to reflect 

Feeling irritated, angry, depressed, or tired is normal – especially during a difficult time. But it’s important to take time to reflect and understand why you feel this way. 

Make sure you acknowledge your feelings. Even if you have emotions that are unpleasant, like anxiety, these are common reactions, and accepting them makes it easier to deal with. 

2. Stress management 

Managing your stress is essential when it comes to dealing with anxiety, which can often lead to fatigue as it activates the body’s “fight or flight” response. 

Some of the simplest techniques for dealing with stress are breathing exercises and meditation. Aim to do these exercises at least three times to week to manage anxiety. 

3. Limit social media use 

More people are feeling lonely now due to social restrictions and home working. Many have turned to social media to replace social contact, but excessive use could be harmful. 

If you use social media, make sure you avoid negative stories, as these can increase fatigue. Instead, try and filter your feed to only see the things you’re interested in. Or, try and find alternatives like listening to music or podcasts, or reading a book. 

4. Take regular breaks 

Taking time out to restore your energy is a must – especially during difficult times. Even if you’re super-busy, make sure you take regular breaks during the day. 

5. Be more active

Lastly, being more active is a really simple way to replenish your energy and feel better. Physical exercise makes you feel healthier physically, and it’s great for your mental health. 

If you feel tired or anxious, going for a walk, swim, run, or other activity can make you feel better quickly, so it’s important to make time in your schedule. 

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