The changes to TikTok’s security settings for children 

Online safety is very important, especially for children and teenagers. In light of this, TikTok is the latest platform to change its privacy setting to protect its younger customers. 

To keep young users safe when using the app, TikTok will be introducing new settings with added protections in place. 

In a recent blog post by TikTok’s head of safety, Eric Han, said, “Today we’re announcing changes for users under age 18 aimed at driving higher default standards for user privacy and safety.” 

“We want our younger users to be able to make informed choices about what and with whom they choose to share, which includes whether they want to open their account to public views.” 

“Through our partnership, Common Sense Networks will provide additional guidance on the appropriateness of content for children under 13 as we work to create an enjoyable and safe viewing experience.”

What are the updates? 

Going forward, the youngest TikTok users will have a “limited experience” when using the app. Those under 13 will have access to a “curated library of age-appropriate videos,” which is part of the company’s partnership with Common Sense Networks. 

For users between 13 and 15, there will be a little more freedom in the way the platform can be used. However, there will be some differences in the way these accounts are treated by TikTok. For example, for added protection, no one will be able to download videos that are posted by someone 15 or younger. 

Additionally, all accounts in this age group will be set to a private mode by default, so users will need to approve followers before they can view any of their videos. 

In addition to this, kids that fall into this age category will no longer be able to set comments to “public”. Instead, they will be given the option between “friends only” or “no one”. 

Lastly, for older teenagers aged 16 and 17, the default setting for videos will be friends only. But, they will still have access to the Duet and Stitch Feature.

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