CDC announces new recommendations for fully vaccinated people 

With over 20% of the US population now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, many are waiting for the latest travel updates and guidance for quarantine and testing. 

Last week, the CDC released its latest recommendations for fully vaccinated people. This update has provided clarification for citizens thinking about traveling. 

The CDC is still not recommending travel at this moment in time as the number of coronavirus cases is still rising in some areas of the country. 

However, those still intending to travel within the US can still go ahead as long as they take proper precautions, such as wearing a mask and social distancing. 

According to the CDC’s reports, fully vaccinated individuals now face very low risks of contracting the virus. This means they can travel without getting a test or self-quarantining. 

For people wanting to travel internationally, those that are fully vaccinated won’t need to get a test beforehand unless it’s a requirement in the country they are traveling to. 

When returning to the US, they will not need to quarantine. But, they will still need to have a negative test before boarding their flight, as well as another test three to five days afterward. 

What’s the guidance for unvaccinated people? 

A fully vaccinated person is someone that had their second dose of the vaccine more than two weeks ago. Everyone else falls into the unvaccinated category, and different advice applies. 

The CDC is advising that anyone unvaccinated person shouldn’t travel if possible. If they do need to travel, they should get a test one to three days beforehand. They should also self-quarantine for ten days after returning and should take another test during this time. 

The agency adds that all Americans should continue to wear a mask and follow other public health recommendations, like frequent handwashing and keeping their distance from others. 

It’s expected that further updates on this will be due in the coming weeks and months. With more travel, it’s predicted that there could be a new surge in cases. But, as long as the vaccination rollout stays on track, restrictions could be relaxed. 

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