Why fitness trackers could encourage more physical activity 

Improving physical fitness is an important goal for many consumers. Now, a new study has found that fitness trackers could be an effective way to increase physical activity. 

For the study, researchers analyzed data from around 400 studies of 164,000 people. All of these studies included data on fitness trackers and how they affected exercise. 

The researchers found that fitness tracking devices were an effective way to promote more physical activity, as participants walked for an extra 40 minutes per day when wearing one. 

This increase in physical activity was also linked to weight loss, with those wearing a fitness tracker losing an extra 1kg on average over a 5-month period. 

Researcher Ty Ferguson said: “The overall results from the studies we reviewed show that wearable activity trackers are effective across all age groups and for long periods of time. 

They encourage people to exercise on a regular basis, to make it part of their routine, and to set goals to lose weight. The average person gains about 0.5 kg a year in weight creep, so losing 1 kg over five months is significant.”

The benefits of getting more exercise 

Taking part in regular exercise can improve both your mental and physical health. And even with a small amount of activity, you can start to feel the benefits very quickly. 

Regular exercise can reduce the risks of developing many illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, dementia, and strokes. 

Exercise can also bring many other benefits to your life, such as:  

  • It makes it easier to manage your weight
  • You will develop stronger bones and muscles 
  • It makes it easier for your body to recover from minor illnesses
  • You will feel more energized and it can improve your mood
  • It makes it easier to manage stress, relax, and sleep better 
  • Group activities can help you to meet new people and make friends 
  • It can build other skills, like communication and team building 

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