Is vaping more effective than NRT for quitting smoking? 

There are different ways to stop smoking, but two of the most common methods are using nicotine replacement therapy or vaping. But which is more effective? 

Here are some of the benefits and downsides of both NRT and e-cigarettes:  


First, here are some of the pros and cons of vaping: 


  • E-cigarettes have fewer health risks than traditional cigarettes
  • A safer alternative for long-term smokers who are unable to quit using other methods
  • Deliver nicotine without as many toxins or carcinogens as cigarettes
  • Reduces the risk of smoking-related diseases 
  • Can reduce the risks posed to smokers with asthma


  • E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance
  • There have been reports of vaping leading to smoking.
  • E-liquids can contain additives and particles that could pose a health risk
  • Liquids can lead to accidental poisoning in the hands of children
  • There’s a risk of burns, accidents, or malfunctioning from faulty devices or chargers
  • As a new product, there’s limited research on its safety and effectiveness


Here are some of the pros and cons of nicotine replacement therapy: 


  • A variety of products including gum, lozenges, and patches 
  • Inexpensive and sometimes available for free 
  • Studies have proven NRT methods to be safe
  • Effective in reducing the effects of nicotine withdrawal
  • Different doses are available depending on your needs 


  • Can cause side effects including nausea, skins reactions, or throat irritation 
  • Some NRT products are best used in combination with another agent
  • Long terms users can become dependent on NRT
  • Some types of NRT require a prescription from a doctor

Which is more effective? 

Both NRT and e-cigarettes can be helpful in quitting smoking. However, most studies show that vaping is more effective for smokers, despite having some risks. 

One study found that quit rates were three times higher when using e-cigarettes than with nicotine replacement therapy. The participants who vaped also reported fewer urges to smoke throughout the study and gave the products more favorable ratings. 

On the other hand, NRT products like patches and gum have been more widely tested and, as e-cigarettes are newer, some users still have concerns over safety. Overall, each product has its own benefits and it’s up to individual consumers to decide which is right for them. 

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